Just about every working programmer learns to abhor code reviews. It’s not that we dislike them in the abstract, or deny that they’re necessary, but the actual process of sitting through a code review can often be excruciating. The only exceptions seem to be the people who seem to expect kudos for their “diligence” in reviewing everyone else’s work in excruciating detail even as their own paltry work product is somehow never presented for similar scrutiny. Every group has at least one of those, so reviews often tend to degenerate into a contest to “score points” at the expense of the person whose code is being reviewed. To make this at least a little bit fun for those who do not enjoy such sport, then, I’ve developed Code Review Bingo. Here’s a sample:

Yes, I know many of these belong in design reviews or other kinds of documents. That doesn’t stop them from popping up in just about every code review. Similarly, many of the comments directly contradict each other. Since most code reviews involve multiple reviewers, such conflicting demands are common. When one or more reviewers’ only goal is to show how smart they are – God forbid we spend that time finding actual bugs or improving code – it’s not even uncommon for the conflicting demands to be made by the same person, so don’t worry that your card can’t win.

Enjoy, and don’t be shy about suggesting your own additions based on your own experience. The items are stored in a simple text file, and I’ll gladly make the source available to anybody who wants it too. BTW, for those in the audience who might wonder: no, this is not a reaction to having my own code reviewed recently.