We got four or five inches of snow last night, on top of eight or nine yesterday. I think I’ve commented before on how beautiful ice storms can be, but a good snow storm can be that way too. On the way in to work, I was on several occasions witness to a tree dumping its entire load of snow – sometimes from fifty feet or more – in front of me. It’s a beautiful sight, and literally put a smile on my face more than once.

Of course, all this beauty can be a sign of danger as well. Part of my commute runs through Concord, where the response to snow is generally among the most pathetic in the region. I guess “public safety” to them means suddenly dropping the speed limit on some roads below what reason or state guidelines would require, and semi-permanently posting a police officer behind one of those speed-limit signs (where he can’t possibly get a valid radar reading), but not actually clearing snow on those same roads. Thoreau and Emerson must be turning over in their graves, Emerson especially since the area next to the hospital that bears his name was worst of all. Nice job setting priorities, Concord. Anyway, the real point is that I love traction and stability control. I just point the car where I want it to go, and it does. The only downside is that when I drive a car (like Cindy’s) without those features I’m liable to forget that life wasn’t always so convenient, and my snow-driving skills are likely to be a bit rusty as well.