I’m going to try posting Amy stuff on Sundays for a while, as a way to keep up and to have consistent content here. I picked Sunday because it’s the time I’m most likely to be editing pictures and video anyway, and least likely to have other stuff on my mind, so if I’m going to have a fixed time it’s a good one. First, a random quote from dinnertime.

‘Dinosaur’ is the word for ‘pot roast’ in Spanish.

For a while, in addition to asking what real (English) words mean, she has been making up new ones and asking what they mean. Now she seems to have internalized the notion of a language, and that things have different names in different languages, and she’s applying that to her word-play.

In other news, WALL-E has been a big hit. We first watched it last Saturday, and then (I think) she has watched it every day since. We’ve had many detailed discussions of why this or that happened, why WALL-E or EVE wanted to do something or other, and so on. Sometimes she seems more curious about the inner workings of that world than of this one. Go figure.

OK, on with the multimedia section of our show.

Amy playing with some freakishly large leaves we found on a walk through the neighborhood. (JPG image)
Amy playing while we were raking leaves. (H.264 video, 11MB)
Open gym at the Hayden rec center in Lexington. (H.264 video, 10MB)
First Christmas tree of the season, in Lexington center.(JPG image)

I’ve deliberately left out the pictures and video from December’s observation day at Amy’s dance class (tap and ballet). That will be next week’s post, followed by Christmas stuff.