Most people will have no idea what I’m talking about. That’s OK, because only two really need to recognize what I’m talking about. Just so nobody misunderstands, neither of those people are or ever were at SiCortex, and neither ever will be if I have anything to say about it. Their crimes were committed elsewhere.

  • If it’s your component that needed to be rewritten three times, and you’re the one who quit minutes ahead of being fired for actively working against company interests, you don’t get to complain about “a product that never worked.” Also, the product did work despite your efforts to sabotage it.
  • If you have made a career out of riding others’ coat-tails, running multiple startups into the ground, and generally presiding over more layoffs than hires, you don’t get to brag about how you’ve worked so hard all your life creating value. Also, threatening to move to Europe because the US has become too socialist just makes you look stupid.

It’s too bad people like you ruined a perfectly good company. You should be the ones on the unemployment lines. No, scratch that. You shouldn’t be collecting unemployment. You should be paying anyone whose unemployment is to any degree attributable to your considerable shortcomings.