I apologize for the fact that one is sideways and the other two are of poor quality. As for the sideways, I still forget sometimes that video editing programs unlike still-image editing programs – still treat a simple ninety-degree rotation as an impossible task. It’s not like anybody could figure out what pixels are actually displayed on the screen for each frame, rotate that ninety degrees, and re-do all of the compression the same way as was originally done when the pixels were coming in from an image sensor. Nahhh, that would require a few minutes’ work to help users. Unfortunately, I don’t have any similar excuse for the image quality in the other two. Normally this camera shoots pretty decent video, and the lighting conditions didn’t seem all that challenging, but the video quality is still so poor that I debated not even posting them.

opening the present Amy opening and then playing with her favorite present. (8.8MB)
clowning around Trying to get Amy, Oliver, and Eli to pose properly for the camera. Eli took “hat up” very literally. We never did really get the shot we wanted, at least not while the video was running. (1.8MB)
walking Frances was actually quite a cooperative subject, and early-walking video always seems worthwhile. (1.2MB)