Somehow I don’t think the people who put up This Is Why You’re Fat expected people (like me) to treat it as a place to go for ideas. The Meta Pizza looks amusing, but the Scotch Egg on a Stick looks more like something I’d actually try.

UPDATE: new favorite is the True Love Roast.

The True Love Roast has a bird for each of the 12 days of Christmas.

On the outside a turkey, inside are the breasts:

Goose filled with orange and walnut stuffing. Chicken with hazelnut and ginger. Pheasant with juniper stuffing.
Aylesbury duck with sage and onion. Barbary duck with Persian fruit stuffing.
Poussin and guinea fowl layered with parsley, lemon and thyme. Partridge and pigeon squab set in juniper stuffing.
Mallard duck layered with cranberry and lemon and whole boned quail filled with cranberry and orange relish.

Feeds 125.