Why are peppers hot?

“Capsaicin demonstrates the incredible elegance of evolution,” says Tewksbury. The specialized chemical deters microbes—humans harness this ability when they use chilies to preserve food—but capsaicin doesn’t deter birds from eating chili fruits and spreading seeds. “Once in a while, the complex, often conflicting demands that natural selection places on complex traits results in a truly elegant solution. This is one of those times.”

Woolly Lamboth

Bruno, who weighed in at a massive 21lb when he was delivered on Monday, is one spring lamb that won’t be going to the slaughter.

He is believed to be the biggest lamb ever born anywhere in the world, and farmer Mark Meredith plans to keep him as a pet to see how big he gets.

Mr Meredith, 44, who farms at Chaddesley Corbett, Worcestershire, said it took him 20 minutes to deliver Bruno the ‘woolly lamboth’, compared to a couple of minutes for the average 7lb lamb.