Before I go to bed, here are some of the best stories I’ve read about the buyout.

  • Neil McAllister deserves credit for calling this one early.
  • Joe Landman is always on top of things, and always insightful. I don’t just say that because our respective takes on Oracle’s attitude toward HPC in general and Lustre in particular are similar, either. The observation about ZFS vs. btrfs is one I hadn’t thought of, even though I’ve covered ZFS here before.
  • Kevin Jackson thinks this is good for cloud computing, especially in the federal space.
  • I find it hard to believe that Kevin Closson doesn’t have some good thoughts to share. Seems more likely that he won’t share them, for reasons only he would know.

Another observation I’ve seen many places is that some of Oracle’s current partners (Dell and HP are often mentioned) might not be too pleased about their partner stepping into the server space. Some of those same partners also fall into Joe’s category of Lustre users who have been uncomfortable with Sun’s ownership and were already looking for alternatives. I suspect that companies at the intersection of those two sets might be very interested in non-Sun non-Oracle alternatives now, so I’ll just mention that I’ve been getting some good results with PVFS lately.