Part One: at Santino’s, a quite good Italian restaurant in Winchendon, Cindy commented on how blue Amy’s eyes look. That being the only physical feature she seems to share with me, the comment led to a comparison of Amy’s eye color with mine. Then we asked Amy what color Cindy’s eyes are. It’s kind of a trick question, since Cindy’s eyes are a hard-to-describe kind of blue/green/brown, but Amy was up to the task. She immediately replied that Cindy’s eyes are “basil” which you have to sound out to realize is a cross between blue and hazel. Perfect.

Part Two:

Amy (quoting from her pajama shirt): I’m Mommy’s Little Dreamer.
me (what I actually said): You’re Daddy’s little dreamer too.
me (what I think Amy heard): Daddy’s a little dreamer too.
Amy: No, Daddy’s a big dreamer.