In: DataSlide.

1. A piezoelectric actuator keeps the rectangular media in precise motion
2. A diamond solid lubricant coating protects the surfaces for years of worry free service
3. A massively parallel 2D array of magnetic heads reads from or writes to up to 64 embedded
heads at a time

I remember seeing a presentation on something like this at CMU’s Parallel Data Lab several years ago. Very cool. Here’s a fun question: how do you do optimal data layout and request scheduling for something like this, differently than you would for a spinning disk? (Hat tip to StorageMojo for the news.)

Out: Sun’s Rock processor. This is a real shame. I don’t know if I’d agree with all of the directions Rock was going, but it represented some bold choices and I respect that. Maybe the Ice9 team and the Rock team can get together somewhere to shake things up.