As most of the people reading this know, I’m looking for a new job. This is a special post that I’ll be keeping at the top as long as that’s the case. Here are some notes for prospective employers:

  • My full resume is available in OpenOffice text format and PDF
  • Short form: my primary specialty is parallel/distributed filesystems and other kinds of data stores. I also work on other things, especially networking, that involve high scale (hundreds of nodes) and/or high speed (gigabytes per second) and other kernel/systems programming.
  • I use this site for technical, political, and personal writing. As you’re likely to be interested primarily in my technical writing, please use the category selector in the right sidebar to see any of my “tech” categories.
  • Relocation is off the table for now, though in this economy that could change. I am quite well able to work remotely.
  • My preferred email address is

A few of my articles have brought me some level of fame/notoriety/whatever. For your convenience, here are some of the best and/or most popular.

Thanks for reading. On with the blog.