Garfunkel and Oates

Thanks to Isis for bringing these very talented folks to my attention. (Warning: lots of not-so-family-friendly language.) I didn’t particularly care for the song she linked to, but – as somebody who has enjoyed Uncle Bonsai and similar acts for years – it was enough to check out a few others. Sex With Ducks is a brilliant satire of anti-gay-marriage slippery-slope arguments, dedicated to Pat Robertson. So far, though, my favorite is Self Esteem.

My self-esteem’s not low enough to date you.
It’s close, but not quite there.


Just a Thought

Imagine, if you will, someone who gets a degree from a publicly-funded college, and/or relying on taxpayer-subsidized financial aid. Someone who studies technology for which practically all of the important advances came from taxpayer-funded institutions. Someone who develops their skills at a company whose market is defined by government agencies and academic institutions, then starts their own company serving those same markets. Then how does this person – whose skills, knowledge and wealth are all to a significant extent the outcome of public spending – respond to every policy question?

Wealth transfers are bad. People should be allowed to keep what they earn.

I believe that people are entitled to all the returns for the risks they take and the efforts they make. On the other hand, I recognize that a great deal of what many people actually have is not derived from either of these sources. An investment was made in them, and the investors – like all investors, public and private – have every right to expect a return on that investment. Someone who accepts private investment and then walks away with it instead of delivering anything in return is called a thief. What do we call someone who does exactly the same with public investment? They call themselves libertarians and patriots, but another word comes to my mind. Nine letters, starts with H.