Last month, this site set some new records. The most obvious one is that WordPress stats report 8,763 visits for October, vs. 8,701 for previous record holder June. AWStats shows a slightly different picture, though, in particular that September was already beating June in some categories. Here are some highlights:

  • 26,954 visits (September 23,868; June 22,969)
  • 13,524 unique visitors (September 11,609; June 11,950)
  • 69.992 pages (September 62,572; June 57,516)

What I like best about these results is that they’re not the result of a single huge spike like I got for my “Unemployed!” article back in June. (Yay, I’m no longer most famous for having lost my job!) Sure, I wouldn’t have set a record if not for the scary-pumpkin traffic, but there was a pretty consistent level of traffic all through the month. My posts on software cargo cults, consistent hashing, and particularly comparing key/value stores all generated mini-bumps of their own. It’s nice to know not so much that people are reading this site, but that the ideas I’m writing about (most of which I got from elsewhere) seem to be the subject of increased interest. I’m the surfer, not the wave. I know that, and I know these are also trifling numbers compared to the people really generating the wave, but it’s still nice to feel like this site is part of something and not just another personal waste of time. I’m wasting lots of people’s time now!