Just for fun, I decided to spend part of my lunch break generating a graph of my top twenty posts. The first graph I did was total hits vs. date posted. I know this site has become more popular lately, and I wasn’t too surprised to see that the increase in popularity outweighs the effect of older posts having had longer to rack up the numbers. What I thought might be more interesting was a graph of hits per day instead of total hits. Since #20 was a too-recent anomaly, I only graphed the top nineteen. Here’s the result.

hits per day vs. date posted

Not bad. Of course, for this graph the general effect of age is the opposite of what it would be for total hits. I’d like to graph “hits in first month” but that would require a lot more log processing than I can do on my lunch break. The thing I find most interesting is what this tells me about my evolving readership. Eight out of the ten most recent posts to make the list are technical, as are six out of the top ten by total hits and seven out of the top ten by hits per day. While I’ve gone through periods of less technical blogging, and some of the results do make the top twenty, the technical stuff is clearly what people come here for. Most of my family and some of my friends have learned to look for other stuff (including family pictures) on Facebook, and I’ve deliberately cut back on the political stuff in general (my recent blip about the election notwithstanding). As I predicted back in my “Unemployed!” post – #15 total and #8 per day – this blog has become and will probably continue to be more technical than it was during the mid-oughties.