I know I’ve been kind of absent lately. Part of it was traveling to Michigan to see my mother, brother, and cousin. Good times. We flew this time, and I was worried that it would be awful. Last time the three of us flew through DTW, Northworst took six hours there and four hours back for what should be a two-hour flight. That’s a lot of time in a plane on the tarmac trying to keep a three-year-old entertained with the few things you can carry on. The last time I went through DTW myself, I found that they’d scheduled a dozen flights at exactly 6am on a Sunday morning, leading to a huge security-theatre backup and to me missing my flight. I ended up getting routed through a very busy O’Hare – which I’d just left – before finally getting back to Boston. Considering all that, and that there was an “incident” there not too long ago, I thought it would be crazy, but in fact it all went smoothly.

The other reason I’ve been quiet here is that I’ve been busy doing actual work. I’ve been writing lots of actual code for my way-cool GlusterFS translator, for one. I’ve reached the point where I can run actual tests and see how well it works, which I’m pleased to say is very well. Now I just have to slog through all of the entry points I haven’t bothered with yet, figuring out the GlusterFS object-lifecycle rules so I can make sure there are no memory leaks, making sure I return consistent error codes, and then running some real functional tests like fsx, etc. More about that later, I’m sure.

The other thing I’ve been busy with is techno-evangelism. I’ve already mentioned the podcast, plus I gave a half-hour presentation about cloud storage at Red Hat’s Cloud Computing Forum yesterday. I’ll post a link to the archive when I get a public one myself (all I have is a private one that I’m not sure is usable by others); meanwhile you’ll have to read the The Register had to say about my talk and others.

OK, now back to that code.