Do you use Twitter? Do you make sure all your “tweets” are backed up? No? What’s wrong with you? After all, knowing where you went for lunch last Tuesday might be invaluable to future biographers as they document your rise to glory. Not to worry. Now you can use Backupiphish to make sure all of your important online data gets backed up. Just give us all of your social-networking site passwords – you know, the same ones you probably use on your banking sites as well, even though you’ve been told not to do that – and we’ll make sure all of your stuff is nice and safe in our very own Swiss bank accounts. Um, I mean, your data will be on our secure servers in a secure facility protected by the very best guards we can hire for minimum wage, plus our patented 1025-bit encryption. And the best part? It’s completely free! You don’t have to pay us a cent for our useless service. Just your passwords. Don’t forget to send your passwords. You won’t mind if the very first thing we do with your Twitter account info is impersonate you to advertise our service, right? That shows you can trust us. Oh, and using four-letter words makes us seem all edgy and stuff, so make sure you follow #itsour****now on Twitter.

This post has nothing whatsoever to do with Backupify. No sir, not at all. Pure coincidence.