I’ve settled into a pattern of using Twitter for short technical stuff, Facebook for short non-technical stuff, and this site for longer (almost always technical) stuff. It works, but it means that people who don’t follow me in all of those might miss some stuff. For example, family members who only follow me here have probably noticed a dearth of pictures lately because they’re all on Facebook. Similarly, technical folks might notice that my articles have gotten longer, because the short blips are going on Twitter. For them, here are some of my tweets that I consider worth repeating/saving.

You can build a cloud without virtualization, but why? Users’ standard unit of provisioning is smaller than a modern physical machine.

There ought to be a special place in hell for people who call malloc several times in the main code path for a single I/O.

Should “cloud computing” be c12g or c13g? Does the space count?

“It works fine on my machine” will soon be displaced by “it works fine in my cloud” as a developer’s favorite excuse. #quoteme