I had a little time and energy to hack on VoldFS today, but not enough of either to get into anything really complicated. My highest priority is to get the contended-write cases working properly, and that’s likely to be a bit of a slog. I decided to do something really easy and fun, so I did. Specifically, I installed/built Kumofs to see if my previously implemented memcached-protocol support would work with that http://kumofs.sourceforge.net/I as well as with Memcached Classic.

Well, it does. All I had to do was set VOLDFS_DB=mc and voila! The built-in unit tests worked fine, so I did my manual test: mount, copy in a directory, unmount, remount, get file sums in the original and copied directories, verify that they match. Everything was fine, so I can now say that VoldFS is a true multi-platform FUSE interface to at least two fully distributed data stores. Now I guess I’ll have to work on concurrency, performance, and features.