A little early, but it’s been a good month.

  • There are only two problems with distributed counters. Or maybe three.
  • Problems with .ly domains? Less money for Libyan government, some URL shorteners die. And the downside is . . . ?
  • Self-driving cars, offshore wind farms, embryonic stem cell treatments – all on one glance at the news. What times we live in.
  • Assembly Instructions from Hell
  • Sauron to bid for Tea Party leadership. It would be an improvement.
  • Caching separate from the DB (any type) is not the enterprise version of a DB which is inherently distributed. It’s the buggy version.
  • The last frame is so funny because so many really do think such “answers” are useful. Not Invented Here
  • Matchstick Tirith
  • Simply awesome microphotography.
  • Lord of the Rings + Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
  • Sears for zombies. (“Afterlife. Well spent.”)
  • Anybody who refers to an “internet cable” shouldn’t do distributed programming.
    [Just for you, PeteZ: the person was referring to a physical object, not just internet service from a cable company]
  • App devs shouldn’t create infrastructure . . . not because their time is better spent, but because they suck at it.