I’m a card-carrying ACLU member – literally – and proud of it. I truly support and applaud the work they do, even on issues where I don’t quite share their position. After all, being able to support others’ right to do things that make you uncomfortable is kind of the whole point. However, the number of issues on which I think they’ve lost their way is significant and seems to keep growing, plus I’m getting very tired of them as an organization. The far-too-frequent calls asking for more money (I’m already a monthly donor) are one example; the totally broken member-login web page so I can’t change my donation preferences in protest is another. In a world where the ACLU was the only organization doing what they do I’d just suck it up and keep supporting them, but they’re not so I’m looking for alternatives. For example, does anyone know anything about the Center for Constitutional Rights, or Bill of Rights Defense Committee? Can a left-leaning civil libertarian like me support one of these instead, in good conscience? Are there others I might not have heard of?

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