I try to keep blogging about $dayjob to an absolute minimum, but this is kind of a big deal. Today, I pushed the first bits of CloudFS out to a public git repository. A week or so ago I registered cloudfs.org to hold non-code content, but it’s not really up yet so for now you can clone that repository and look at the README.md therein, or at the Fedora 15 feature page. Here are a few nuggets to get you started.

  • CloudFS is basically GlusterFS enhanced to allow deployment by a provider as a permanent shared service, rather than as a private thing that users can run within their own compute instances.
  • The enhancements necessary fall into several broad categories: authentication, encryption, isolation (each tenant gets their own namespace and UID/GID space), quota/billing, and some necessary enhancements to existing GlusterFS functionality.
  • This is a very pragmatic and unambitious release, explicitly not including the improved-DHT and multi-site-replication functionality that I think will make CloudFS really cool. Think of it as a warm-up to the main attraction.
  • The code is nowhere near complete. The three translators I’ve written are complete enough to do useful things – and more importantly to be worth reviewing – but all need to be improved in various ways and there are other bits (mostly around configuration and management) that don’t even exist yet. To put it another way, I think the code represents that point on a journey where you’ve climbed the highest hill and can see the destination, but there are many miles yet to be walked.

Once I get cloudfs.org set up the rest of the way, I’ll probably start posting more info there. Stay tuned.