After reading this Paul Krugman’s unemployment differences between states, I thought it would be interesting to see what the results looked like in cartogram form. For those who don’t know, a cartogram is a map that has been redrawn so that the size of each part is proportional to some metric other than geographic area – most often population, but GDP or electoral count or other metrics work too. I searched for cartograms of the US by population, with state boundaries, and quickly found one for the 2004 presidential election. Then I spent a few minutes re-coloring the states to match Krugman’s chart, and the diagram below is the result. I tried to remove the worst red/blue state-border color artifacts from the original, and also corrected the mistaken inclusion of Michigan’s upper peninsula as part of Wisconsin.

US unemployment cartogram

I’m not trying to make any particular point with this; others have offered plenty of commentary already. I just thought other people might find the result interesting.