Almost a month ago – a month ago! – I ordered a new computer. It was going to be great. Quad core, lots of memory, SSD, the whole lot. When it finally arrived today, I couldn’t wait to begin setting it up. I opened the case, and everything sure looked professionally assembled with all of the cables neatly tied away and stuff like that. The only problem is that it wouldn’t boot. Things spun up, but I never even got any POST beeps. Upon investigating further, I found that the gigantic heatsink had not been installed properly, and the CPU had been totally wrecked. There were bent pins everywhere, even a couple broken, as though somebody had just not even bothered to seat it properly before slathering on a too-thick coating of low-quality thermal goop and then using power tools to cram the heatsink on top. I won’t name the vendor yet, until I see how they handle this, but to say I’m disappointed would be a huge understatement. I’m going to demand the name of the person they fire, or else I won’t believe that they’ve responded appropriately.

UPDATE 2011-02-11: The new processor arrived last night, and with that the machine has worked fine. It’s pretty sweet, actually.