I was talking about an XKCD comic with my wife, and realized I could do a little experiment myself. Because I’m lazy, I didn’t install gnuplot on my Mac but instead searched for an online graph generator. The first one I came up with was this one which I’m linking here mainly because I might want to point Amy at it some day. Anyway, here’s the graph I came up with.

'I got fired' vs. 'I quit my job' by day of week

I found the difference in Monday:Friday ratios amusing. At first I was also very intrigued by the fact that more people seemed to be quitting on Saturday than Wednesday, but you won’t see that on the graph because I realized that people were quitting other things besides jobs on Saturday so I changed my search from “I quit” to “I quit my job” and the anomaly went away. That’s an interesting illustration of how subtle changes in wording can affect experimental results. Anyway, it kept me amused for a few minutes. What’s your favorite XKCD-style Google experiment?