A few days ago, I got my Eee Pad Transformer. I guess you could say I didn’t get the Transformer part, because I only got the tablet part without the accompanying keyboard. So far, I’m loving it. It’s a very convenient size, the screen is gorgeous, performance and battery life seem excellent. I’ve had to spend some time getting used to Android, but so far I like that too. There’s also something much more satisfying about interacting by touch than through a keyboard and/or mouse, but maybe that’s just novelty. Here are some of the apps I’ve been using.

  • Built-in mail client. Not bad, so far it seems much better than the one that’s on my (non-Snow Leopard) Mac.
  • Seesmic for Twitter. I tried a few others, but none offered the combination of features I want. Twimbow for Android would rock.
  • Mobo Player (plus codecs) for playing unconverted video. I’m never going back to watching video on my iPad Touch while I exercise. Having a screen this large, but flat enough to put on the elliptical’s console, is fantastic. Playback has been smooth as butter, too.
  • ConnectBot (ssh client), plus Hacker’s Keyboard so I can have control keys.
  • Dungeon Defender. Yeah, I got this for entertainment as well as work.
  • Google Reader, Calendar, etc. through the browser.

All of this software was easily installed from the app market, and cost me zero. The ASUS on-screen keyboard seems a little nicer than the stock Android one, and it seems to suffice for short messages, but I don’t think I’d want to sit through an extended session of trying to use bash and vi that way. If I wanted to take this as my sole computer on a trip, I’d definitely get the keyboard – not only for faster typing but for extended battery life as well. I’d probably want to get VPN and IRC clients as well, though to be honest I’ve gotten tired of VPN glitches so I’ve switched to doing everything through ssh tunnels and SOCKS proxies when I’m working from home (like now) so maybe I’d skip the VPN.

Overall, I’d say my initial impression has been very positive. Maybe I’ll check back in a month or two and tell people how it fares over the longer term.