Yesterday was this blog’s eleventh birthday. Actually I’m not quite sure when I created it, but that’s the date of the earliest “log entry” I could find; this was before the term “blog” was in common use, so I weren’t calling them posts yet. Just for fun, here’s a quick overview of how the blog has evolved over time.

Month Host Software Notable/Typical Post
August 2000 NameZero Static HTML Programmers’ Lifestyles
December 2000 The Mythical Linux Month
October 2001 JTLnet Home grown Multithreading vs. Event-Based Programming
February 2002 Home grown with comments (“PlatSpot”) Freenet Thought Experiment
August 2002 Server Design
February 2003 Burton The Whole Sad Story
April 2003 Ruin Dissed
March 2004 Total Choice Stack the Ripper
May 2004 pMachine Silly Assertions
June 2004 We Interrupt This Weblog…
October 2004 WordPress Waiting for GODOT_RESP
March 2006 Site5 Amazon S3
June 2006 eMax Net Neutrality
September 2006 Verizon’s DNS Sucks
January 2008 InMotion Linux Pointer Types
September 2008 GlowHost Aspire One Wireless
August 2009 Amazon vs. Rackspace vs. Flexiscale
November 2009 Availability and Partition Tolerance
July 2010 It’s Faster Because It’s C

Thanks to all who have inspired posts, commented on posts, sent email, replied elsewhere, or generally helped to make this a useful place to collect my thoughts.