You might not have noticed, but I just moved. As part of my ongoing project to consolidate my various web “properties” I upgraded and updated my Rackspace cloud server (which I’ve been using for two years), and put nginx + php_fpm + mysql on it to serve my websites. It probably wasn’t the best idea to do the move on the same day I posted something as inflammatory as my last post – there was some virtual-memory tuning I’d forgotten, and I did get bitten by the uber-stupid “OOM Killer” under the Hacker News load – but it all seems to be working out otherwise. One of the nice things is that I can resize my server any time I expect a similar spike, then shrink it again when the spike’s over. If I were really motivated I’d do it all automatically, but I don’t have that kind of spare time.

So, as usual, please let me know if you see any glitches. One of the things the traffic spike did for me was show that normal stuff is working, but some stuff around the edges might still need tweaking. I know FTP access and image links to (in old posts) aren’t working. Anything else?