I’m going to be making a few changes around the site soon, so I figured I’d give people a bit of warning in case something goes wrong.

  • I’ll be moving. It’s not that I have any problem whatsoever with Rackspace. I must emphasize that they’ve been purely awesome while I’ve been here. The issue is purely one of location. My goal is to reduce my total work-to-home latency, and they’re not in the right place for that. By moving, I can make that latency half of what it is currently, and a third of what it was back when I did things the “recommended” way. I’ll write more some day about the configuration I’ve been using for the last few weeks. For now, it should suffice to say that everything I’ve done here I can do exactly the same way at the new place.
  • I’ll be changing how both blogs (pl.atyp.us and hekafs.org) get served. Between the two of them, this site overall has gone from barely detectable to a small blip. I have no pretensions of this being a truly big or important site, but even a blip needs to consider performance. I have a plan to continue using WordPress as a content-generation system, but I’ll actually be the only one using it directly. What everyone else will see is the result of a script that slurps all of the articles and category/month lists out of WordPress and converts them into (slightly optimized) static files that nginx can serve up by itself with maximum HTTP caching goodness. There will be no need for MySQL or PHP except when I’m adding new posts. There won’t be any need for varnish either, which I consider a good thing since it just screwed me last night by croaking for no reason whatsoever and leaving both blogs dead in the water.
  • As part of the static-page strategy, comments will have to change. Instead of using WordPress comments, I’ll switch to using an external system – probably Livefyre. Old comments will still be visible as part of the static pages, but new comments – including those on old posts – will go through a new system.
  • I’ll probably change the theme too, this time to something as minimal as I can find. No widgets. No sidebars. Just a modest header, a small menu bar, and the articles themselves.

If everything goes well, these changes will have only minimal effect on readers. Comments will look a little different, and load times will generally be faster, but it will still be the same guy writing about the same things in the same style. Stay tuned.