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Executive summary: all of that stuff's over here now. If you have links to it, just change "" to "" and almost everything should work.

A while ago, I got a notice that the domain was about to expire. Even though domains don't cost much, I didn't feel particularly thrilled about continuing to bear that cost in perpetuity for a site that has been inactive for years and seems likely to remain so. Knowing that there's some content people might still find useful, I tried to find out if anyone at Red Hat could take it over. After all, we sponsor hundreds of similar projects, the same issue must have come up for some of them, surely there must be a well established procedure for this. Right? Well, if there is, I couldn't find it. Everyone seemed to think this was Somebody Else's Problem. Sometimes I forget that, despite the many ways it's unique, Red Hat is still a large company with many of the usual large-company dysfunction. [sigh] I let the domain expire.

I guess I didn't realize just how many people, from developers at Red Hat to complete strangers, rely on that content. I get email about the broken links, especially the "Translator 101" series, multiple times per week. For every person who sends email, there are probably two more who didn't bother. Unfortunately, I couldn't renew the domain if I wanted to. First it was in some sort of "timeout" period when it couldn't be re-registered (even by me as its prior owner) and then some domain-parking doofus snapped it up to serve ads.

For a while now, all of the content has actually been available under (see the executive summary). Today I went through and fixed up all of the hyperlinks, image links, and everything else I could think of so that the site almost works normally. The only thing I know of that doesn't work is the search box, because that relies on PHP and all of the content is actually static now. However, having links both in this post and on my archives page should allow Google to see all that stuff again, so in a while people will be able to search that way (as most of them probably do already).

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