Moving to Facebook

On March 17, I'll be leaving Red Hat. On April 3, I'll be starting at Facebook. I will not be leaving the Gluster project.

I've drafted two much longer posts explaining the reasons for this change, but I'll try to keep this one short. It's not a reflection on Red Hat, or the people there. Leaving a job for negative reasons is a dubious proposition at best, but doing so to work on the same project with many of the same people would require a special kind of stupidity that I just don't have. (I have other kinds. There, beat you to it.) What this is about is opportunity. Facebook runs Gluster at higher scale than anybody else. In doing so, they have developed a fine appreciation for some of the issues that occur at high scale - multitenancy, wide-area replication, systems that are self-managing to reduce burden on their human operators, etc. These are the same directions that I'd like to explore. Being at Facebook will put me closer to the action, both in terms of what challenges I'll be taking on and in terms of being able to see results.

Red Hat naturally has a different set of priorities, driven mostly by customers who use Gluster in very different ways than Facebook. Good for them. I wish my partners and allies well. I'm glad that what I'm doing with Gluster at Facebook, both technically and otherwise, is likely to make the project and community stronger. I'm also glad that a stronger community will benefit my friends at Red Hat. I really do think this is good for everyone. I get to work on stuff that excites me, with a great team. Facebook gets more muscle helping them achieve their goals. Red Hat gets a stronger community for a project that is the basis for one of their products. Win-win-win.

Over time, I'm sure my involvement with Gluster will decrease as I'm drawn to other projects. That was practically guaranteed to happen anyway; eight years is a very long time for me to be doing any one thing technically. Whatever happens, I'll be grateful to both Red Hat and Facebook for the opportunities each has given me. May our paths continue to run together.

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