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  1. Wannabe of the Month: Skylable

    Every month or two, someone comes along and claims to be the new Best Thing Ever in distributed file storage. More often than not, it's just another programmer who recently discovered things like consistent hashing and replication, then slapped together another HTTP object store because that's what people nowadays do …

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  2. Inktank Acquisition

    I know a lot of people are going to be asking me about Red Hat's acquisition of Inktank, so I've decided to collect some thoughts on the subject. The very very simple version is that I'm delighted. Occasional sniping back and forth notwithstanding, I've always been a huge fan of …

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  3. New Style Replication

    This afternoon, I'll be giving a talk about (among other things) my current project at work - New Style Replication. For those who don't happen to be at Red Hat Summit, here's some information about why, what, how, and so on.

    First, why. I'm all out of tact and diplomacy right …

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  4. Data Gravity

    In the last few days, I had an interesting exchange on Twitter about the concept of data gravity. For convenience, I'll include the relevant parts here.

    • Mat Ellis: Interesting piece by @mjasay link … @randybias is right on the money, data gravity is already a big deal on the cloud

    • me …

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  5. Tiers Without Tears

    A lot of people have asked when GlusterFS is going to have support for tiering or Hierarchical Storage Management, particularly to stage data between SSDs and spinning disks. This is a pretty hot topic for these kinds of systems, and many - e.g. Ceph, HDFS, Swift - have announced upcoming support …

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  6. The World Is Not Flat

    Way back when I was a young pup, either in college or after that but before I started my career, I got to use an operating system called MTS. That stands for Michigan Terminal System. It was created to run on IBM (and later Amdahl) mainframes, when U of M …

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  7. Roll Back or Rock On?

    For a while now, Kyle Kingsbury has been doing some excellent work evaluating the consistency and other properties of various distributed databases. His latest target is Redis. Mostly I agree with the points he makes, and that Redis Cluster is subject to inexcusable data loss, but there is one point …

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