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  1. Distributed File System SBFAQ

    There's a lot of hype around distributed file systems and their relatives, such as object stores. Every week, it seems, there's a new project claiming to be the the fastest, most scalable, most robust, most space-efficient distributed file system ever, sweeping all precursors before it. Nine times out of ten …

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  2. Content From hekafs.org

    Executive summary: all of that stuff's over here now. If you have links to it, just change "http://hekafs.org" to "http://pl.atyp.us/hekafs.org" and almost everything should work.

    A while ago, I got a notice that the hekafs.org domain was about to expire. Even though …

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  3. Life on the Server Side

    Of all the projects I've proposed or worked on for GlusterFS, New Style Replication (NSR) is one of the most ambitious. It has two major goals:

    • Improved handling of network partitions

    • Improved performance, both normally and during repair

    Personally, I consider the improved partition handling to be the more important …

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  4. Wannabe of the Month: Skylable

    Every month or two, someone comes along and claims to be the new Best Thing Ever in distributed file storage. More often than not, it's just another programmer who recently discovered things like consistent hashing and replication, then slapped together another HTTP object store because that's what people nowadays do …

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  5. Inktank Acquisition

    I know a lot of people are going to be asking me about Red Hat's acquisition of Inktank, so I've decided to collect some thoughts on the subject. The very very simple version is that I'm delighted. Occasional sniping back and forth notwithstanding, I've always been a huge fan of …

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  6. New Style Replication

    This afternoon, I'll be giving a talk about (among other things) my current project at work - New Style Replication. For those who don't happen to be at Red Hat Summit, here's some information about why, what, how, and so on.

    First, why. I'm all out of tact and diplomacy right …

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  7. Tiers Without Tears

    A lot of people have asked when GlusterFS is going to have support for tiering or Hierarchical Storage Management, particularly to stage data between SSDs and spinning disks. This is a pretty hot topic for these kinds of systems, and many - e.g. Ceph, HDFS, Swift - have announced upcoming support …

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  8. SAN Stalwarts and Wistful Thinking

    I've often said that open-source distributed storage solutions such as GlusterFS and Ceph are on the same side in a war against more centralized proprietary solutions, and that we have to finish that war before we start fighting over the spoils. Most recently I said that on Hacker News, in …

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  9. GlusterFS 3.5 Features

    It's time to let some cats out of some bags. As my loyal readers (yeah right) have surely noticed, things have been quiet around here. Part of that has been the result of vacations and such, but also there's a lot of stuff I just haven't felt ready to write …

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  10. Lies, Damn Lies, and Parallels

    This apparently happened a while ago, but it recently came to my attention via LWN that James Bottomley has made the claim that "Gluster sucks" (not a paraphrase, those seem to be his exact words). Well, I couldn't just let that go by, could I? Why would he say such …

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