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  1. Why I Like "Like" Buttons

    As a blogger for (I think) about 18 years, and a BBS/Usenet user for almost as long before that, I have a lot of opinions about how people should interact online. To some extent those opinions are based on solid thinking about how the nature of that interaction shapes …

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  2. HTTPS Everywhere and Civil Debate

    I really don't want to get in the middle of the "HTTPS Everywhere" debate, but a recent message on the topic by Roy Fielding (of REST fame) really bothered me, so I'll add my voice to the chorus anyway. Let's start with the non-technical problem with that email, just to …

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  3. Stop Calling It Neutrality

    Usually, when anyone in government tries to do anything about issues of equality or fairness, the techie-libertarian reaction is to complain about "legislating equal outcomes" and invoke the spectre of Harrison Bergeron as proof. (Hint: it's fiction!) For some reason, "neutrality" doesn't get the same reaction even though it's a …

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