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  1. Life on the Server Side

    Of all the projects I've proposed or worked on for GlusterFS, New Style Replication (NSR) is one of the most ambitious. It has two major goals:

    • Improved handling of network partitions

    • Improved performance, both normally and during repair

    Personally, I consider the improved partition handling to be the more important …

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  2. Small Synchronous Writes

    Sometimes people ask me why I always use small synchronous writes for my performance comparisons. Surely (they say), there are other kinds of operations that are more common or more important. Yes there are (I say), and don't call me Shirley. But seriously, folks, there are definitely other kinds of …

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  3. Performance Measurement Pitfalls

    One of the problems with measuring and comparing performance of scalable systems is that any workload capable of producing meaningful results is going to be highly multi-threaded, and most developers don't know much about how to collect or interpret the results. After all, they hardly ever get any training in …

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