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  1. Stone Age Programming

    As a systems programmer, I get to work with a lot of old-fashioned code and tools. The code base I work on every day is in C, complete with manual memory management and constant checking of return values instead of exceptions. Heck, the Gluster coding style even involves using "goto …

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  2. Technical Debt vs. Technical Risk

    One of the most useful metaphors in software engineering is Ward Cunningham's technical debt. Definitions and interpretations vary, but technical debt is basically all the stuff you're going to fix later because you were in too much of a hurry to do it right the first time. We all know …

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  3. Leaning Out

    Thu 10 October 2013

    tags: working

    In April of '89 I left my family and friends to move from Michigan to Massachusetts for a programming job. The new job paid twice as much as my first programming job had, which means three times as much as I was making since that company laid me off, so …

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